True comfort isn't just about temperature, it's about peace of mind.

The Safety Matters program is constantly evolving to ensure that Honeywell Heaters are made with innovative, tried and tested safety features. Safety features vary between models based on the design and intended usage of the heater.

Some of the Safety Features Built into Honeywell Store Heaters:

  • Tip-Over Protection
  • Overheat Protection
  • Cool Touch Plastic Housings
  • Thermal Insulated Wiring
  • Reinforced Wire Connections
  • Crimped and Soldered Plug Blades

Save Energy without Sacrificing Warmth.

  • Portable heaters are a smart and easy way to add warmth to any space.
  • By turning down your whole house thermostat a few degrees and heating just the room you are in, a portable heater can help you save money - giving you the right level of heat you need, where you need it.
  • EnergySmart Honeywell Heaters implement energy saving technology that can provide savings of up to 35% on energy bills.