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Fall Protection

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Honeywell Complete Roofer's Fall Protection System with 50-ft. (15 m) rope lifeline - BRFK50-Z7/50FT
Includes harness, anchor, rope grab, lanyard, 50 ft. lifeline & container
Price: $363.55 Save: $205.40
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Honeywell Complete, Compliant Fall Protection Roof Kit with 25-ft. (7.6 m) lifeline - TRK2000-Z7/25FT
Provides components for fall protection safety & federal OSHA compliance
Price: $298.91 Save: $147.04
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Fall Protection

Honeywell Fall Protection Kits are suitable for a variety of roofing applications. Fall protection kits eliminate the hassle of selecting the correct tools needed to ensure maximum safety by including all of the necessary components needed for fall protection safety. The Honeywell Professional Grade Complete Roofer's Fall Protection System includes: lightweight full-body harness, reusable roof anchor with attachment D-ring, compact raining rope grab, shock-absorbing lanyard, high-strength rope lifeline and waterproof container. The Honeywell Professional Grade Complete Roofer's Fall Protection System is available with rope attachments that measure from 25 ft. to 100 ft. Honeywell Fall Protection Harness and Lanyard Kits are also available. This set includes a full-body harness and 6 ft. tubular shock-absorbing lanyard that's been rated professional grade. A pair of Honeywell Titan Cross-Arm Anchorage Straps that is capable of wrapping around I-beams and other structures to form a secure attachment point adds even more safety options. All Honeywell Fall Protection Kits and Accessories are listed as professional grade.

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