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Improve your home air quality with Honeywell air quality products. Honeywell air purifiers, Honeywell humidifiers, Honeywell air cleaner filters and humidifier filters offer cleaner, healthier air at home. Asthma, allergy, pet dander, allergens….you need a Honeywell air purifier! Honeywell air purifiers and air cleaners range from portable air purifiers to Honeywell HEPA clean germ reducing air purifiers with odor control and true HEPA germ fighting allergen reducing air purifiers. Honeywell Lamp Treatment system kills up to 70 % of certain airborne bacteria passing by the system. Dry skin? Honeywell offers whole house humidifiers, to portable humidifiers and the kits and accessories needed to install the humidifiers. Clean air? Honeywell offers air cleaner filters, humidifier filters, air washing prefilters and humidifier pads for your Honeywell air cleaners, air purifiers, and Honeywell humidifiers. Breathe healthier, cleaner air with Honeywell home air quality products!


Available in both portable and whole house options, Honeywell Humidifiers display an excellent standard in helping to create a better breathing environment.
Air Purifiers

Establish the ultimate in peace of mind and breathe only the very best of air with the assistance of a Honeywell Air Purifier and Honeywell Air Cleaner.

Reduce excessive moisture from the air to improve the room environment in your home or office with Honeywell Dehumidifiers.
Humidifier Filters

Honeywell humidifier replacement filters featuring Honeywell humidifier filters, pre-filters, pads, and cartridges for a variety of home humidifiers.
Air Purifier Filters

Honeywell air purifier replacement filters including True-HEPA and HEPA-Type air cleaning filters for your home air purifier.
Furnace HVAC Filters

Honeywell Furnace HVAC Filters help improve the air quality withing your home. These air filters also keep your furnace, heating and cooling system clean and efficient.
All Filters & Accessories

Honeywell Replacement Filters for Humidifiers, Air Cleaners and Furnaces offer peak performance and long-term durability.

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