Honeywell QuietClean Tower Air Purifier with Permanent Washable Filters, HFD-120-Q

  • Honeywell QuietClean Tower Air Purifier with Permanent Washable Filters, HFD-120-Q
  • Honeywell QuietClean Tower Air Purifier with Permanent Washable Filters, HFD-120-Q
  • Honeywell QuietClean Tower Air Purifier with Permanent Washable Filters, HFD-120-Q
  • Honeywell QuietClean Tower Air Purifier with Permanent Washable Filters, HFD-120-Q
Honeywell QuietClean Air Purifier with Permanent Washable Filters and Energy Star Rated
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  • Helps capture up to 99% of airborne particles such as smoke, dust, pollen, and pet dander from the air that passes through the filter.
  • Whisper quiet operation that can still effectively circulate the air throughout the room.
  • ENERGY STAR Certified.
  • On/off oscillation control.
  • LED touch button control panel with three speeds.
  • Electronic filter check indicator reminds you when the filters need to be washed.
  • Washable filters - simple rinse filters with water and let dry.
  • ARB Certified to comply with federal ozone emissions limit.

The Honeywell QuietClean Tower Air Purifier features high efficiency air cleaning with permanent, washable filters, saving you money on expensive replacement filter costs. The HFD-120-Q distances itself substantially by properly utilizing IFD filters that trap particles without interrupting and disrupting the flow of air. In terms of performance, this air purifier has outstanding value and is capable of circulating the air up to 5 times every hour. This sleek and highly portable tower air purifier effectively and quietly entraps a variety of harmful indoor particles such as dust, pollen, pet dander and tobacco smoke from the air passing through the filter. Energy Star rated and certified, this product features patented washable filters that can be easily rinsed. A boosted oscillation allows for extended coverage and is capable of servicing large rooms. The overall particle reduction is dependent on many factors. These include the amount of air processed, pollutant type and pollutants introduction rate.

Air changes per hour:

  • 10x small room (80 ft.)
  • 5x medium room (170 ft.)
  • 2.75x large room (300 ft.)
  • This Air Purifier has been AHAM Verifide for use in rooms up to 170 sq. ft.
  • The CADR indicates the volume of filtered air delivered by an air cleaner. The higher the tobacco smoke, pollen and dust numbers, the faster the unit filters the air.
  • Tobacco Smoke: 110
  • Dust: 100
  • Pollen: 132
  • Uses pre-filter HRF-K2
  • Product Dimensions (LxWxH): 10.4 x 9.65 x 28.74 in.
  • Product Weight: 12.32 lbs.
  • Warranty: 5 Year Limited Warranty
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Average score based on 33 reviews

Rating: 4.9/5Rating: 4.9/5Rating: 4.9/5Rating: 4.9/5Rating: 4.9/5

Rating: 5/5Rating: 5/5Rating: 5/5Rating: 5/5Rating: 5/5Air purifier

Reviewed: 06/01/2020 by James Garretson

My Honeywell air purifier is such a welcoming addition to my health and it is so quite. This purifier is the best purchase I've made in years now I can sleep like a baby.

Rating: 5/5Rating: 5/5Rating: 5/5Rating: 5/5Rating: 5/5

Reviewed: 05/27/2020 by Diane Zipley

Just like my other one. Easy to operate, quiet and does the job.

Rating: 5/5Rating: 5/5Rating: 5/5Rating: 5/5Rating: 5/5

Reviewed: 05/06/2020 by Marianne Force

Compact and very quiet. Air purifier does a great shop for the size.

Rating: 5/5Rating: 5/5Rating: 5/5Rating: 5/5Rating: 5/5first impression

Reviewed: 04/22/2020 by suzanne babula

very quiet even on high speed havn't used it much yet need to do some spring cleaning,as we run a wood stove want to give it a fair chance to run with out all the extra dust

Rating: 5/5Rating: 5/5Rating: 5/5Rating: 5/5Rating: 5/5

Reviewed: 01/25/2020 by Victor DeMitchell

Replaced the HFD 320 Purchased Apr 2017 Oscillator went wonky. So far all is well VERY quiet. Will re evaluate after 3 months for cleaning properties

Rating: 5/5Rating: 5/5Rating: 5/5Rating: 5/5Rating: 5/5Great product, great service

Reviewed: 01/14/2020 by Adrienne Fiedler

Honeywell is a superstar in air purifiers! That is why I opted to get another one for my home. They are reliable and the order arrived exactly on time. I did not research other brands because Honeywell makes the best and I still have my very old one which I will use in another room!

Rating: 4/5Rating: 4/5Rating: 4/5Rating: 4/5Rating: 4/5Permanent Washable Filters are over

Reviewed: 10/18/2019 by Mathieu

This cleaner is really good, my father smoke like hell and it did a significative difference, I mean, it was pleasant to be there, but the filter got scrap after 4 months, I washed them a lot but it still gummy. If only we can buy more of these filters, I searched but not found them.

Rating: 5/5Rating: 5/5Rating: 5/5Rating: 5/5Rating: 5/5Breathe easy

Reviewed: 05/04/2019 by Melissa Barrois

This product has made a significant difference for my son's allergies. Can't believe I waited as long but happy to have read the great reviews! Customer service is top notch, too.

Rating: 5/5Rating: 5/5Rating: 5/5Rating: 5/5Rating: 5/5

Reviewed: 04/15/2019 by David Glaser

Fabulous..More than we expected!!!

Rating: 4/5Rating: 4/5Rating: 4/5Rating: 4/5Rating: 4/5Weird smell... but other than that its good

Reviewed: 03/13/2019 by Jude Lichtenstein

In terms of doing what it is supposed to do, it seems to be functioning fine and filtering the air. Given that the substance it is filtering is invisible to begin with, I just have to trust that it is working. However, I have had this for 4 days now and the smell of fresh plastic appliance is still pretty strong when it is on. I read other reviews prior to purchasing this and knew to expect it to off-gas in the beginning, but the smell is quite unpleasant. I have been running it in rooms I am not in so it can get the smell out of its system. I do like that it is quiet and simple to operate, convenient to change the filters, and has a handle for easy carrying. Smart design!

Rating: 5/5Rating: 5/5Rating: 5/5Rating: 5/5Rating: 5/5Noticed the Difference Within an Hour

Reviewed: 01/17/2019 by Therese Duane

I set up and ran this air purifier in my small bedroom that can get punky in the cold weather and with the windows closed. I set it on low. I noticed the difference in the air within the hour, odors were gone and air was much fresher. Also, ran it throughout the night and woke up clear headed and refreshed. I know this is not a health device, but it sure gave me a good nights sleep, best I have had in a long time. Thank you for an air filter that actually filters!

Rating: 5/5Rating: 5/5Rating: 5/5Rating: 5/5Rating: 5/5Honeywell Quiet

Reviewed: 10/22/2018 by CarolAnn Cain

I searched and searched to make sure I was getting a quality air purifier. We have severe allergies cuz we have three disabled pets that we care for. When searching for an air purifier I wanted to make sure that it would take care of the dust, pollen, etc. that we all have allergies. The quality of the air with buying this unit and after reading the information about it what it had it was easy to use I have washable filters I was sold. When I turned it on the very first night cuz the dogs sleep in our room our dresser usually is covered with dust by morning I ran the unit all night on high and you could barely hear it. The Air purifier unit did its job. This is the best air purifier we have ever had. Thank you Honeywell for making and air purifier that takes care of all the necessary allergies attackers.

Rating: 5/5Rating: 5/5Rating: 5/5Rating: 5/5Rating: 5/5Honeywell Tower Air Filter

Reviewed: 10/15/2017 by Carol Moore

This is the second unit I have in my home. Three years ago my daughter bought one for me and I purchased this one to replace a competitor's unit I had in a bedroom. Because this unit is so easy to keep clean, I needed to replace the unit that required expensive filters every few months. Really makes sleeping a pleasure. Love it!

Rating: 5/5Rating: 5/5Rating: 5/5Rating: 5/5Rating: 5/5Cleaner air I love this Honeywell HFD-120-Q

Reviewed: 10/02/2017 by Elden Howell

I love this air purifier. It is quiet and produces ample air flow on low. [two design feature notes: a counter balance handle so you do not eventually damage the oscillating feature set it down flat and the low, medium, and high selector you should be able to select low, medium or high without turning the air purifier off.

Rating: 5/5Rating: 5/5Rating: 5/5Rating: 5/5Rating: 5/5Breathing again!

Reviewed: 07/13/2017 by Jo-Ann Bagnasco

New to Florida and allergies are ruthless. This air purifier has worked wonders in my bedroom. It is quiet, and the washable filters will save money in the long run. I am buying a second one for another room!

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Q: Why do I need a Honeywell Air Purifier; isn't the air in my home clean?
A: Please click this link for a video that demonstrates why every home should have a Honeywell Air Purifier: Video

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